One of the main objecitves of the MedECC is to update and consolidate the best scientific knowledge about climate and environmental change in the Mediterranean Basin and render it accessible to policy-makers, key stakeholders and citizens. In order to have the most complete vision of the impacts of climate and environmental change in the Mediterranean it is important to collaboration with the Mediterranean networks and organisations, which explore similar issues, but on a local level. Several local initiative exists.

GREC-SUD (Regional Group of Experts on Climate in the “South Region” of France)

Thee association leads the Regional Group of Experts on Climate in the “South Region” of France (Région Sud – Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur), GREC-SUD, which aims to centralize, transcribe and share scientific knowledge on climate and climate change in the region. The priority objective of the group is to inform decision makers (elected representatives, local authorities) of the territory, so that scientific results are considered in public policies. Eight thematic booklets on climate change in the region have been published so far.

Already eight thematic repport have been pubmished (in French) on the different issueas of climate and environlemant change in the Sud (“south”) region of France (available here)

RECO : Network of expertise on climate change in Occitania (Réseau d’expertise sur les changements climatiques en Occitanie)

The associatian RECO has been created March 2019. Its main objective is to bring together knowledge, initiatives and networks on climate change across the Occitania region (France) in order to inform decisions on the implementation of adaptation strategies and local actions based on on three missions: i) support the transfer of knowledge, ii) provide an interface role, iii) maintain support for local decision-making. The publication of the 1st Regional Booklet on the Climate Change in Occitania (1er Cahier Régional Occitanie sur les Changements Climatiques, CROCC_2021) is planned tin autumn 2021 (more information).

Advisory Council for Sustainable Development of Catalonia

The Advisory Council for Sustainable Development of Catalonia of the Government of Catalonia (CADS) is the advisory body on sustainability of the Catalan Government, whose main aim is to be an effective and successful interface between scientists, policy-makers and stakeholders. The council is an active member of the European Environment and Sustainable Development Advisory Councils (EEAC), a network of advisory bodies established by national or regional governments or parliaments. Since 2005, CADS has overseen the elaboration of the periodic Report on Climate Change in Catalonia. The 3rd edition was published in September 2016 and involved 150 experts and more than 40 reviewers. It is available in Catalan, Spanish (Castilian) and English.  A 4th edition is under preparation.