MedECC Special Reports: 2021-2023

MedECC’s present work focuses on three special thematic reports related to specific challenges identified in the First Mediterranean Assessment Report (MAR1). A call for authors’ self-nominations was launched in 2021. Scoping meetings were organized for each report.

  1. Special Report on coastal risks  (scoping meeting in July 2021), 
  2. Climate – water – energy – food – ecosystems nexus (scoping meeting in January 2022),
  3. Environmental change, conflicts, and human migration (scoping meeting in November 2021).

The objectives of these meetings was to progress on the draft outlines of each report and to identify potential authors. The outlines of the Special Reports will be send to the identified stakeholders, who will have the possibility to submit their suggestions and comments on a factual level with a given deadline. 

A physical authors’ meeting will be held in June 2022 to progress on the production of the special reports. The participants will be the MedECC Coordinators, MedECC Secretariat, Assessment Coordinators and Coordinating Lead Authors (CLAs) of the chapters. There will be a few keynotes speeches by authors. The rest of the workshop will be dedicated to the work in groups and plenary sessions in order to make an efficient progress of each report and identify key messages. The workshop will be financially supported mainly by the funding from the Italian Ministry for Environment, Land and Sea (IMELS) under the funds of the Bilateral Cooperation Agreement between Italy and UNEP/MAP.

Report and appendices

Report content

The Special Reports are the assessments of the state of scientific knowledge on the issues they address.


For each Special Report the Summary for Policymakers (SPM) will be developed.

Authors and list of reviewers

The Coordinators and Coordinating Lead Authors have been appointed for each report.

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