The MedECC was launched in 2015 by about 40 motivated scientists working on the issues related to climate and environmental change in the Mediterranean. The MedECC community keeps growing and counts more than 700 persons, mainly researchers, but also policymakers, stakeholders, practitioners and citizens interested to be informed about the MedECC’s actions. Many among them are actively contributing the work of MedECC. The first Mediterranean Assessment Report published by the MedECC in November 2020 has been written by 190 scientists from 25 countries, all contributing in individual capacity and without financial compensation. This work has been awarded the North-South Prize 2000 of the Council of Europe. Jury recognized the work of MedECC as “leading example of the potential of collaboration between states and societies to face the challenges of climate change and environmental sustainability, as well as a response to the need for scientific and expert cooperation to produce knowledge-based analysis as a sound basis for policy”. The scientists contributing to the MedECC represent a wide range of scientific fields.

 Scientific disciplines related to the MedECC