Call for Experts: review of the MedECC Special Report Environmental changes, conflicts and human migration

The MedECC is pleased to announce the call for experts to become a reviewer of the MedECC Special Report Environmental change, conflict and human migration. The external review is planned to start in October 2023 for a six-week period.


MedECC now works on a series of three Special Reports i) climate and environmental coastal risks, ii) climate-water-energy-food-ecosystems nexus, iii) environmental change, conflict and human migration. These new reports follow the First Mediterranean Assessment Report (MAR1) on environmental and climate changes in the Mediterranean region published in November 2020 by MedECC . The scoping meeting of the Special Report report on climate – wefe nexus was held online in November 2021, and the draft outline was validated by the MedECC Steering Committee. The authors were appointed on the basis of their expertise following a call for self-nominations, the submission of detailed CVs, and a validation by the MedECC Steering Committee. The author team developed a Zero Order Draf (ZOD) which was reviewed internally in April 2023. They are now working on a First Order Draft (FOD), including the first draft of the Summary for Policymakers (SPM) which will undergo the external peer-review by scientific experts. The table of contents is available here.

Who can participate?

We invite the researchers representing the full range of scientific, technical and socio-economic views and backgrounds to apply to become a reviewer. The review is open to PhD holders and other experts with a solid experience in the fields covered by the report. The report counts about 150 pages. However, if you become a reviewer, you do not need to review the whole report, you may restrict your review to the parts for which you have the best expertise. These are not anonymous reviews and expert reviewers will be recognized for their valuable contribution with their name, affiliation, and country of residence being acknowledged and published.

How to apply

In order to apply to become an external reviewer of the MedECC report, complete the online registration form, no later than 30 October 2023. Selected participants will be contacted with further information about the review process. If for some reasons you can not access the online form, you can download the form here and send it completed to the MedECC Secretariat.

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