BLUEMED Med. Research Infrastructures Stakeholders Conf., Paris, 13-14 June 2019

MedECC was represented during the BLUEMED Mediterranean Research Infrastructures Stakeholders Conference which was held in Paris from 13 to 14 June 2019, in the framework of the BLUEMED Research and Innovation Initiative for Blue Jobs and Growth in the Mediterranean Region, and with the support of the H2020 BLUEMED CSA.

The BLUEMED Initiative, jointly developed and agreed between 9 EU countries and supported by the European Commission, aims at advancing a shared vision for a more healthy, productive, resilient, better known and valued Mediterranean Sea. This initiative seeks to promote the social well-being, prosperity of Mediterranean region and to boost economic growth and jobs.

Special attention is given to research infrastructures, that are essential to implement BLUEMED priorities. Following a first assessment on existing RIs in the region, the next step will be to deliver a BLUEMED RIs Roadmap to further enhance cooperation patterns in the field of RIs, and to encourage public authorities to support the development of marine and research innovation.

In this context, the conference gathered experts on research infrastructures, blue economy stakeholders and representatives from Mediterranean public authorities. It was the occasion to elaborate the first recommendations that will be integrated into the Roadmap.

Through the organization of different thematic working groups, participants had the opportunity to focus on key challenges faced in the Mediterranean Sea. Solving these challenges requires development and synergies of research and innovation infrastructures, as they generate valuable data and services that need to be accessible for all communities involved in Blue Growth activities. The conference  enabled participants to exchange their views and propose concrete actions to ensure an optimal use of RIs and to favor the dialogue and concrete collaboration among Mediterranean blue economy stakeholders.

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