IPCC: AR6 Climate Change 2021: the Physical Science Basis (report)

The IPCC has finalized the first part of the Sixth Assessment Report, Climate Change 2021: The Physical Science Basis, the Working Group I contribution to the Sixth Assessment Report. It was finalized on 6 August 2021 during the 14th Session of Working Group I and 54th Session of the IPCC.

The first of three working groups (WGI) published Climate Change 2021: The Physical Science Basis on 9 August 2021. A total of 234 scientists from 66 countries contributed to this first of three working group reports. The report’s authors built on more than 14,000 scientific papers to produce a 3,949 page report, which was then approved by 195 governments. The Summary for Policymakers (SPM) document was drafted by scientists and agreed to line-by-line by the 195 governments in the IPCC during the five days leading up to 6 August 2021.

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Changing by Alisa Singer
“As we witness our planet transforming around us we watch, listen, measure … respond.”
www.environmentalgraphiti.org – 2021 Alisa Singer.
IPCC has exclusive rights to “Changing”. The artwork can only be reproduced as part of the cover of the WGI Summary for Policymakers. You may freely download and copy the front cover for your personal, non-commercial use, without any right to resell or redistribute it and provided that the IPCC will be acknowledged as the source of the material used. For any other use, permission is required. To obtain permission, please address your request to the IPCC Secretariat at ipcc-sec@wmo.int.

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