The changing Mediterranean Basin through the lens of Mediterranean experts (article)

The different components of the Mediterranean Basin (land, coast, and sea) are undergoing significant changes due to multiple anthropogenic pressures, including climate change, pollution and other factors. The 1st Mediterranean Assessment Report (MAR1), produced by the Mediterranean Experts on Climate and environmental Change (MedECC) and based on available scientific literature, provides a coherent and comprehensive synthesis of the status of the Mediterranean Basin, its main drivers and their impacts on both ecosystems and human dimensions, with a focus on water, food, energy, ecosystems and ecosystem services, development, health and human security. The report is the first multidisciplinary, trans-boundary assess- ment produced for this region and provides significant input to inform policy at regional, national and local levels. Its ground- breaking nature lies in the scope of the scientific assessment as well as in displaying the regional capacity to coordinate exist- ing fragmented efforts in the region. The report highlights risks and possible response strategies that may help to increase the resilience to the effects of climate and environmental change. The conclusions show that effective policy responses, as well as in support of Sustainable Development Goals, encompass both strengthened mitigation of climate and environmental change and enhanced adaptation to their impacts. Socio-economic factors of poverty, inequalities and gender imbalances presently hamper the achievement of sustainable development and climate resilience in Mediterranean countries.

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Key words: climate change, environmental change, resources, ecosystems, adaptation, society

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Hassoun, A. E. R., Guiot, J., Marini, K., & Cramer, W. (2021). The changing Mediterranean Basin through the lens of Mediterranean experts. International Journal of Euro-Mediterranean Studies13(2), 117-137.

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