Who is connected with whom? The European network for climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction

This paper analyses the way that key actors in climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction in Europe interact with each other. It is important to understand such dynamics to draw tentative recommendations that would support communication and collaboration interactions between the CCA and DRR communities, and ultimately enhance the alignment of the two domains and their relevant initiatives.

ABSTRACT: Communication and collaboration are critical for designing and implementing responses to climate change impacts and related disasters. This acknowledgement has increased interest in understanding social and institutional networks for climate change adaptation (CCA) and disaster risk reduction (DRR). In this study, we used Social Network Analysis (SNA) to explore institutional interactions within and across the communities of the aforementioned domains in Europe. Firstly, we investigated the type and intensity of interactions. We calculated SNA metrics to assess the roles of different actors and applied cluster analysis to identify actors with similar patterns of connections. SNA showed that communication is often more intensive within the two communities, while collaboration is frequent around topics related to both CCA and DRR. Cluster analysis revealed that actors tied with DRR were more closely connected, while actors tied with CCA and those with mixed connections showed no obvious clustering affinity. The European Climate Adaptation Platform, Climate-ADAPT, had the highest value for various SNA metrics, reflecting its popularity in the network and its potential for enhancing interactions among its actors. Finally, SNA was complemented by qualitative interviews, which emphasised the importance of connecting CCA and DRR in organisational mission and vision statements.

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Karali, E., Bojovic, D., Michalek, G., Giupponi, C., & Schwarze, R. (2020). Who is connected with whom? A social network analysis of institutional interactions in the european CCA and DRR landscape. Sustainability12(3), 1275. https://doi.org/10.3390/su12031275

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