Union for the Mediterranean Climate Week, 9-11 April 2019, Barcelona

MedECC participated in the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) Climate Week held from 9 to 11 April 2019 in Barcelona (Spain). This event was the occasion to gather a wide range of actors (UfM members’ representatives, civil society, IFIs, scientific experts…) around different topics, all related to climate action in the Mediterranean region.

MedECC representatives participated to various meetings:

  • 9 April: a workshop on the impact of climate change on the agricultural sector (during which the study “An assessment of the impact of Climate Change on the Agricultural sector – foreseen developments and policy measures” was presented) and the 6thmeeting of the Regional Climate Finance Committee (RCFC).
  • 10 April: The Seventh Meeting of the UfM Climate Change Expert Group (UfM CCEG) chaired by the UfM Co‑Presidency, Jordan and the European Union, and opened by European Commission DG NEAR Director General Christian Danielsson and the UfM Secretary General Nasser Kamel. The update on the development of 1st MedECC Assessment report on risks associated to climate and environmental changes in the Mediterranean region was given by Kasia Marini (MedECC science officer), Joel Guiot (MedECC Coordinator, CNRS, France) and Maria Snoussi (member of MedCC Steering Committee and Coordinating Lead Author (CLA) of 1st MedECC Report, Mohammed V University, Rabat, Morocco).
  • 11 April: The UfM Climate Change Scientific meeting dedicated to MedECC was held. The science update on the environmental change in the Mediterranean was presented and the work plan for the first assessment of trends. In addition to above mentioned MedECC participants also Robert Savé (CLA, IRTA, Barcelona, Spain) and Arnau Queralt Bassa (member of MedCC Steering Committee, CADS, Barcelona, Spain) were present.


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