Progress in Oceanography : Special issue of MERMEX project (scientific papers)

Progress in Oceanography
Special issue of MERMEX project: Recent advances in the oceanography of the Mediterranean Sea
Edited by Richard Sempéré, Xavier Durrieu de Madron, Cécile Guieu, Ivane Pairaud
Volume 163, Pages 1-282 (April 2018)

The 22 papers in this volume are the result of research conducted since 2010 in the framework of the MERMEX project, a component of the Mediterranean Integrated Studies Regional and Local Scale (MISTRALS) program. This special issue presents results, acquired between 2010 and 2016, from multidisciplinary studies on different temporal and spatial scales. Twenty years after the publication of the main conclusions of the European project EROS-2000 (Martin and Milliman, 1997), this special issue highlights how our knowledge has been improved through the acquisition of new observations, for nutrients and contaminants, which have favored the emergence of new thematic fields.

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