MedECC participates to “Planet Med”, the new Plan Bleu’s podcasts (French)

The Mediterranean makes you dream by the beauty of its landscapes, its climate, its historical and cultural heritage. It is a unique place due to its biodiversity, its coastline and its inland sea. Today, this idyllic portrait is cracking and its wealth is deteriorating, in France as in the 20 other countries bordering the Mediterranean. It is today one of the most polluted seas in the world, the basin and its ecosystems are in danger and hit hard by climate change and the degradation of ecosystems.

.Plan Bleu is a center of expertise for development and the environment serving the 21 Mediterranean countries. Its main mission is to protect the Mediterranean basin by guiding the authorities for enlightened decision-making. Within the framework of the United Nations Environment Program and its Mediterranean Action Plan, Plan Bleu works in close collaboration with a wide network of French and international actors. It invites you to listen to the voices of scientists, experts, associations and committed personalities who are exploring solutions to draw positive horizon lines. They work together on a daily basis to change the future and lead this urgent fight, which cannot be won without you… without all of us. Planet Med is the first podcast dedicated to saving the Mediterranean, you can listen to the 5 episodes:

  • Episode 1 : Thanks to Guillaume Sainteny, President of Plan Bleu and Tatjana Hema, Coordinator of the Mediterranean Action Plan, discover how one of the most biodiverse eco-regions is also subjectto many pressures.
  • Episode 2: The various types of pollution affecting the Mediterranean basin are presented to you by Ludovic Frère Escoffier, Head of the Ocean Life Program at WWF and Sarah Hatimi, Mediterranean Coordinator at Surfrider
  • Épisode 3: Patricia Ricard, President of the Paul Ricard Oceanographic Institute and Antonio Troya, Director of the IUCN tell us about the exceptional biodiversity present in the Mediterranean.
  • Épisode 4 : Nasser Kamel, Secretary General of the UfM and Wolfgang Cramer, Research Director at CNRS and Coordinator of MedECC explain how the Mediterranean is the site of extreme climatic events.
  • Episode 5 : Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) are explained by Dr. Céline Dubreuil, Director of Programs at Plan Bleu and Aldo Ravazzi, Economist and Vice-President of Plan Bleu.

Discover all the episodes now on Planet Med.

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