New articles on climate change and health

Several scientific papers on climate change and health have recently been published:

  • Rohat G, Flacke J, Dosio A, Pedde S, Dao H, van Maarseveen M (2019) Influence of changes in socioeconomic and climatic conditions on future heat-related health challenges in Europe. Global and Planetary Change.
    172, 45–59

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  • Díaz J, Carmona R, Mirón IJ,  Lunac MY, Linares C (2018) Time trend in the impact of heat waves on daily mortality in Spain for a period of over thirty years (1983–2013). Environment International, 116, 10–17

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  • Díaz J, Lopez IA, Carmona R, Miro IJ, Luna MY, Linares C (2018) Short-term effect of heat waves on hospital admissions in Madrid: Analysis by gender and comparision with previous findings. Environmental Pollution 243 (2018) 1648e1656

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  • Sanz-Barbero B, Linares C, Vives-Cases C, González JL, López-Ossorio JJ, Díaz J (2018) Heat wave and the risk of intimate partner violence. Science of the Total Environment, 644, 413–419

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  • Vogels CBF, Hartemink N, Koenraadt CJM (2017) Modelling West Nile virus transmission risk in Europe: effect of temperature and mosquito biotypes on the basic reproduction number, Scientific Reports, 7, 5022,

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