MedECC MAR1 Editorial Committee meeting

The meeting of the Editorial Committee of the 1st Mediterranean Assessment Report (MAR1) was held from 10 to 12 February 2020 in Venice, Italy.

The objectives of the meeting were to reach a complete draft version of the MAR1 and to develop an updated draft of the key messages for each chapter.

Ten active MedECC scientists participated to the meeting, MedECC Coordinators, Coordinating Lead Authors (CLAs), Lead Authors (LAs) and MedECC Steering Committee (SC) members:
– Semia Cherif, Tunisia (CLA of the “Drivers” chapter)
– Wolfgang Cramer, France (MedECC Coordinator, MedECC SC member)
– Carlo Giupponi, Italy (CLA of “Water” chapter, MedECC SC member)
– Joel Guiot, France (MedECC Coordinator, MedECC SC member)
– Manfred Lange (CLA of “Introduction” chapter, LA of “Water” chapter, MedECC SC member)
– Piero Lionello (CLA of the “Drivers” chapter, MedECC SC member)
– Kasia Marini (MedECC Scientific Secretariat)
– Maria Snoussi (CLA of “Introduction” chapter, MedECC SC member)
– Andrea Toreti (LA of “Food” chapter, MedECC SC member)

Supporting institutions:
– Venice International University (VIU)
– Prinicipality of Monaco
– Plan Bleu (UNEP/MAP Regional Activity Center)
– MISTRALS (Mediterranean Integrated STudies at Regional And Local Scales) programme
– Labex OT-Med

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