IEMed Mediterranean Yearbook 2022

The European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed) is a think tank specialized in Euro-​Mediterranean relations. It is a center for discussion and debate which aims to encourage actions and projects contributing to mutual understanding, exchanges and cooperation between different Mediterranean countries, societies and cultures. The IEMed’s yearbooks are an attempt to provide information and a comprehensive analysis of the situation in the Mediterranean area from a variety of perspectives. The 2022 edition’s keys are Reshuffling of political and military alliances, Energy and green transition, The future of politics, Fragmentations in the regional mediterranean integration with a dossier focusing on Social policies and the challenges to improve well-being in the Mediterranean area.

How can ecosystems and human systems work hand in hand for the greater good of both humans and non-humans alike?

Michael Karner (Project Manager, Plan Bleu), Lina Tode (Deputy Director, Plan Bleu) and Dr Katarzyna Marini (Lead Science Officer, MedECC Secretariat/Plan Bleu) contributed in this dossier with the article “Co-creating Mediterranean Narratives of Human and Ecosystems Health in the Era of Global Climate Change”.

In the contribution, they remind that there is convincing evidence that climate and environmental changes and their impacts imply risks for human security in the Mediterranean region today. In the face of this fragmentation, they discuss the power of developing shared visions and narratives, highlight the importance of participatory processes between multiple scales and stakeholders, and share concrete examples of science-policy interface and/or projects applying a foresight approach to the Mediterranean region: MedECC, Med2050 project (building of visions of the future of the Mediterranean in 2050), CASadapt (Research-action: analyze, imagine, consult, adapt the socio-ecosystems of the Mediterranean coast to climate change)…

Plan Bleu is a Regional Activity Centre of the UNEP/Mediterranean Action Plan based in Marseille, France. Plan Bleu produces studies and scenarios for the future in order to raise awareness of Mediterranean stakeholders and decision-makers regarding environment and sustainable development issues in the region. Since 2018, Plan Bleu has hosted the Scientific Secretariat of MedECC in the frame of a partnership with the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM).

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