Conference “Fires, floods, heat domes: the Mediterranean facing the climate change” at iReMMO

One of the MedECC Coordinators, Dr Joël Guiot, was the invited speaker to the conference “Fires, floods, heat domes: the Mediterranean facing the climate change” on 2 November 2021 in Paris, France ((event in French). The conference was organised by iReMMO (Institute of Research and Studies for Mediterranean Middle East) in partnership with MedECC et Plan Bleu.

  • Joël Guiot (CEREGE, CNRS): The Mediterranean Basin: a hot spot for climate change (causes and impacts of climate change: temperature, precipitation, sea level, acidification).
  • Thierry Lavoux (Plan Bleu):  Impacts and consequences of climate change in the Mediterranean on land, coastal and sea areas, with a strong prospective dimension: consequences in the future, warming, consequences for well-being and economies in the Mediterranean.
  • Yasmine Seghirate (CIHEAM): Impacts of climate change on agriculture and food security in the Mediterranean (including fishing and aquaculture).
  • Valia Kaimaki (Le Monde Diplomatique, Greece): Climate change in Greece, a never-ending summer ?

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