“Coastal risks related to climate change in the Mediterranean Sea” – Les Rendez-vous du Plan Bleu #3

In 2022, the Plan Bleu have come up with “Les rendez-vous du Plan Bleu”: an online meeting hosted by Mediterranean environmental experts to present and decode a current topic. This third edition of the Plan Bleu Rendez-vous put the focus on coastal risks linked to climate change in the Mediterranean. with the partipation of experts from MedECC, Plan Bleu and Ocean Climate Platform.

Video of the full webinar

Documents presented at the conference:

  • Sea’ties Regional Report – Adapting Coastal Cities and Territories to Sea Level Rise in the Mediterranean Region, Challenges and Best Practices (Ocean and Climate Platform, 2022)
  • Report on the Good Environmental status on coastal zone – “Proposal of parameters to be monitored to reach good environmental status on coastal zone” (Plan Bleu, 2022)
  • Cross-Chapter Paper 4: Mediterranean Region. In: Climate Change 2022: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability. Contribution of
    Working Group II to the Sixth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC, 2022)


9:30 – Climate and environmental change in the Mediterranean by Fatima Driouech, MedECC Coordinator

9:45 – Mediterranean coastal cities facing climate change by Lisa Devignol, from Ocean Climate platform

10:00 – Coastal zone management: the example of Morocco and Montenegro by Michael Karner, from Plan Bleu 

10:15 – Anticipating and measuring risks, is it possible? by Coline Mias, from Plan Bleu 

10:30 – Questions and Answers with the public

11:00 – Conclusion

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