Meeting on environmental policies by the National Economic and Social Council of Algeria

The National Economic and Social Council of Algeria (Le Conseil national économique, social et environnemental, CNESE) organized on July 14, 2021 a meeting on environmental policies in the presence of about 130 people. This meeting was an opportunity to debate and exchange views on the dynamics of new environmental policies and to propose recommendations aimed at better coherence and coordination of sustainable development policies at both national and international levels.

During this meeting Dr Julien le Tellier (Barcelona Convention Secretariat; MedECC Steering Committee Member and Lead Authors of the 1st Mediterranean Assessment Report, MAR1) made a presentation entitled: “Assessments of interactions between Environment and Development in support of environmental policies in the Mediterranean” (in French: “Evaluations des interactions entre Environnement et Développement en soutien aux politiques environnementales en Méditerranée”) during which he presented the main results of MAR1, as well as of the State of the Environment and Development in the Mediterranean (SoED) report prepared by Plan Bleu and UNEP/MAP.

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