RICCAR: climate change impacts on water resources in the Arab Region

The Regional Initiative for the Assessment of Climate Change Impacts on Water Resources and Socio-Economic Vulnerability in the Arab Region (RICCAR) is the outcome of the first Arab Ministerial Declaration on Climate Change (2007), which recognized the potential impacts that climate change may have on development in the Arab region. The Declaration called for a comprehensive assessment of the potential impacts of climate change on the most vulnerable developing countries, including Arab States, as well as the need to identify priorities and implement climate change adaptation and mitigation programs at the national and regional levels.

The regional initiative aims to assess the impacts of climate change on freshwater resources in the Arab region and to examine the implications of these impacts for socioeconomic and environmental vulnerability based on regional specificities. It does so through the application of scientific methods and consultative processes that are firmly grounded in enhancing access to knowledge, building capacity and strengthening institutions for climate change assessment in the Arab region. In so doing, RICCAR provides a common platform for assessing, addressing and identifying regional climate change challenges, which, in turn, inform dialogue, priority setting, policy formulation and responses to climate change at the Arab regional level.

Several reports, technical notes, training tools ans booklets have been published.
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