TeRRIFICA (Territorial Responsible Research and Innovation fostering innovative Climate Action) EU H2020 project organizes the TeRRIFICA Summer Schools in the six pilot regions where the project is implemented in Europe in order to develop ideas for a positive future vision of the climate landscape for 2030. The TeRRIFICA Summer School organized in the framework of the TeRRIFICA pilot of the metropolitan area of Barcelona was held online from June 28th to June 30th 2021 under the title “Climate Change in the Mediterranean Basin: evidences, discussion and citizen contributions”.

During this summer school Wolfgang Cramer (CNRS, MedECC co-coordinator) presented the main messages of the First Mediterranean Assessment Report (MAR1) “Climate and Environmental Change in the Mediterranean Basin Current Situation and Risks for the Future”. Maria Carmen Llasat (University of Barcelona, member of the MedECC Steering Committee and Coordinating Lead Author of MAR1) presented the impact of climate change in Catalonia, Spain.

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