María Carmen Llasat

María Carmen Llasat is Full Professor of Atmospheric Physics at the University of Barcelona (UB) and leads the GAMA Group since 1995. Her research and activity focus on climate change and hydrometeorological risks from a multidisciplinary approach; she also develops a strong outreach activity, and acts as mentor of a high number of PhD students. In addition to research, she has developed a high international coordinating activity (Natural Hazards IWG/EGS, NHESS journal, MEDEX, HYMEX,…). She is a member of the MedECC Steering Committee, and has participated as coordinating lead author of the MAR1 report (2020), and co-coordinator of the Special Report on coastal risks (2024). In 2023, her work has been recognized with the Distinction for the best scientific and humanistic dissemination activities, from the University of Barcelona, and the Sant Jordi Cross from the Generalitat de Catalunya.