The intended outputs of the MedECC, depending on participation, stakeholder interest and financial support, include:

  • Regular and comprehensive “state of the art” reports about climate and environmental change for the entire Mediterranean basin, including summaries for decision-makers for approval by government representatives.
  • Specific reports on demand by decision-makers on specific issues, sectors or scientific domains.
  • Scientific workshops co-hosted by MedECC and research institutions or MedECC supporting institutions.
  • Training for decision makers, professionals and other stakeholders involved in environmental change mitigation and adaptation.
  • Dialogue between the scientific community, decision makers and stakeholders on specific issues of environmental change in the Mediterranean basin.
The articles below present the outputs of MedECC, which are among others the 1st MedECC Assessment Report-MAR1 (released in November 2020), interviews with MedECC researchers, scientific article on risks linked to climate change in the Mediterranean published in October 2018 in Nature Climate Change, as well as the MedECC booklet published in December 2018, infographics and video.

New MedECC infographic

New MedECC infographic on drivers and impacts of climate and environmental change is available (in French, English and Turkish). November 2020Download in English (pdf, png)Download in French (pdf, png)Download in…

First Mediterranean Assessment Report

Climate and Environmental Change in the Mediterranean BasinCurrent Situation and Risks for the Future1st Mediterranean Assessment Report The First Mediterranean Assessment Report (MAR1) prepared by the independent network of Mediterranean Experts…

Interviews with MedECC researchers

The 1st Mediterranean Report (MAR1) on climate and environmental change in the Mediterranean will be published in 2020. This report is prepared by more than 100 scientists from 20 countries,…

Video on MedECC (UfM Secretariat)

At the occasion of the 4th Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) Regional Forum, the video about the risk related to climate and environmental changes in the Mediterranean and about the…